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[ Request ] We Got Married

Its done.
You can choose one from both of them. Sorry for making you waiting so long ^-^

Author name : (Nasya Kim’s Storyline)
Title : (We Got Married)
Main Cast : (Jungkook,Ulzzang girl)
Genre : (Happy,Sweet,Fancy)
Quote : (“How will this couple face their marriage while they’re still underaged?)
Summary : (F.Y.T Choi heeyoung is ready to face marriage life with BTS golden maknae Jungkook ! How will this couple live while they’re still underaged?? hohoho what will happen next?~ :3)
Feeling cast : (smiling and anything yg menunjukkan suasana happy)
Others : (-)
Link FF : (nggak ada lagi, mian)
Contact : (Facebook: Nasya Kim
                Twitter: @whdgus1104




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